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So you want to design your own web page...

The first thing to decide is the purpose of the web page.
Is it for fun, informational or business?
Do you want to do it for yourself or get help.
This site is designed to get you started doing your own web page as inexpensively as possible.  Once you have a good appreciation of the mechanics involved you may elect to do all of your pages or get informed professional help.

If you are serious, you will want your own domain name --a unique web address. www.reg.ca
Or you can use a free one such as http://www.geocitie.com/heartland/2429/2997889

The next thing you need to consider is how you are going to host the page.
It must be on a web hosting computer that is setup to provide web site packages to the world on high speed internet (usually optical fibre).  (www.reg.ca) There are"free" advertising based organisations that cater to non-profit or the more reliable hosting sites.

Next you need to understand about HTML.  (Hypertext Markup Language) This is a cross platform, cross browser method of displaying the same page to different people with different computers, operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows etc.) using Netscape, IE, Opera etc. We have several links to help you and even a little test lab once you are ready to practice.

If you find pure HTML a little intimidating (most professionals use only a simple text editor) there are programs to help you get over the hurdles. Watch them, though, as they can do things that you don't want.  Avoid large programs such as Front Page which really only works for IE, hogs system resources etc. You will find several links here. Also, Netscape composer is very useful.  There are Commercial products such as HotDog, Adobe GoLive and Dreamweaver.

You will want graphics to enhance your site. If you have a buddy artist or some great photos you can adapt you can do your own originals. Or, take a look at these free sites for some ideas or useful downloads.

You can add sounds to your site. There are sites that supply sounds to download.  You can, for example insert:
<BGSOUND SRC="sound.au" LOOP="2">
into your html where the first line is for IE and the second is for Netscape.  the sound can be of  formats: .au, .wav, .mid etc.

Now you are ready to upload your creation to your Web site.  To do this, you need an FTP program. (File transfer Protocol)

When you are more experienced you might like to play with programming scripts to produce an interative site with toys such as fill-in-forms, shopping carts, page counters etc.

Have fun!